Saving Our Students around the World!

Training and Coaching

Staff Training and Instructional Coaching

  1. SOS! Save Our Students training series: Unleash your inner Super-HERO
    As your staff reads our text, we provide ongoing book club and PLC support in the fight against the “arch-enemies” of education. These often neglected issues are present in the RTI/MTSS and IEP process of meeting the needs of struggling students. Monthly series on: Poverty, Literacy, Classroom Management, ESOL strategies, Blended learning best practices, Student engagement and empowerment, Mental Health issues, Dealing with ADD/ADHD, Parental engagement, and community outreach.
  2. Super-HERO instruction series: Becoming the Best and Brightest
    As your staff does a self-assessment, we guide their year-long learning processes to implement high promise strategies and target professional growth plans through bi-weekly meetings and ongoing classroom and video observations. Our comprehensive training in supporting the best practices of content and delivery from the works of Dr. Marzano’s-The Art & Science of Teaching, Doug Lemov’s-Teach like a Champion, and John Hattie’s-Visible Learning guides participants in maximizing their own learning and student achievement.
  3. Lesson planning, differentiation, and engagement series: The Nuts and Bolts
    After finding a lesson planning framework to work for your staff, we assist in the design and development of the key components of Bell-to-Bell instruction, Student Engagement strategies, and Student Empowerment and motivation. These key gaps are often key in increasing student achievement in all subgroups as well as ensuring that the classroom climate and culture meet the needs of your student body.
  4. Classroom management series: Using CHAMPS and Common Sense
    Our monthly series of support on rules, rewards, and consequences ensures that frustrated teachers and students get an opportunity to learn better ways to engage, empower, and excite each other in the classroom setting and increase student achievement.
  5. Blending Learning workshop: Incorporating the Old School with the New School
    Utilizing the best practices in blending technology for instruction, remediation, and enrichment with fidelity takes a savvy and smooth support system. Our team models, guides, and shapes the infusion of technology with instruction by working side-by-side with your staff.

Student Training and Educational Coaching

SOS! Saving Our Selves training series: Social Emotional Learning topics, Engagement in our text, discussion, and end game in students writing their OWN chapter for empowerment and self-advocacy.
Additional topics available:

  • Study Skills and Organization
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Summer Reading classes


Parent Seminars and Coaching

  • Understanding the RTI/MTSS process
  • Advocating for your Child
  • Homework help
  • Reading strategies
  • Behavior Management
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • College and Career preparation